Starting from an Intern to become a Saraswati Grantee

Starting from an Intern to become a Saraswati Grantee

Keterangan gambar: Elis Fajariyati (atas) dan Agatha Vidya Nariswari (bawah) ketika menghadiri WikiNusantara 2019 di Yogyakarta. Foto oleh Gunarta dilisensikan dengan CC BY-SA 4.0.Elis Fajariyati and Agatha Vidya Nariswari were interns in the Yogyakarta Wikimedia Community Space in 2018. They knew Wikipedia accidentally while following the internship and eventually wrote on the Javanese Wikipedia.

Currently, Elis is a linguistics student at Gadjah Mada University, while Agatha is an Indonesian literature student at the same university. After the internship period was over, they were still actively contributing to Javanese Wikipedia. Besides, they also become trainers in WikiLatih, an educational program that focuses on the field of training in editing various Wikipedia.

They applied for the Saraswati grant because they were interested in getting a laptop and using it to contribute to Wikipedia. The articles they write for Saraswati are usually about people, plants, vehicles, and other topics whose sources are easy to find.

One difficulty when writing on Javanese Wikipedia is entering the infobox. The infobox must be searched first on English Wikipedia. After that, the infobox template is created in Javanese Wikipedia and inserted into the article.

Elis and Agatha felt challenged to write Saraswati’s article because they were required to write things outside their field. They have to read the sources in detail. Even so, writing is still fun because it can get new knowledge.

Photo: Elis Fajariyati (above) dan Agatha Vidya Nariswari (below) when attending WikiNusantara 2019 in Yogyakarta. Photo by Gunarta is licensed by CC BY-SA 4.0.